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Can we publish our own article?

Yes, you can publish your own article. But it should be a unique and quality written article.

Can you please confirm that the backlinks will be Do-follow?

Yes, the links in our guest posting articles will be Dofollow and permanent.

Do the artricles published on your site are permanent?

Yes, they are permanent and never get deleted, by this the link juice will remain forever and giving benefit to your site.

What discount can you offer – if we give continued work?

Yes, we offer discounts, which depend on your quantity and frequency

Can you please let us know if the posts will be marked “Sponsored”, “Guest post”, or “Contributed”.

No, without any markings, everything is natural.

What payment methods do you have?

Paypal or More payment methods.

What is a backlink?


Backlinks, also called incoming links, mean creating a link on other web pages that points to your own webpage or website. The backlinks are to connect a webpage with other webpages so that users can directly visit other related pages by clicking the links to realize information and resource sharing between different web pages.


For the Google search engine algorithm, backlinks are not only connections between web pages but also can be regarded as a recognition of your website content by other websites, which affects the ranking and credibility of the website on Google.


Therefore, high-quality backlinks can help improve the ranking of the website in search engine results and increase the traffic and exposure of the website.


What is a high-quality backlink? What are the metrics?


  • High-relevance backlinks

The relevance of backlinks means that the websites or webpages linked to you are related to your webpage content. Highly relevant backlinks not only help improve keyword rankings but also bring accurate traffic to the website, so Google backlinks in the same industry or related industries are the first choices.


For example, you are selling an ultrasonic cavitation machine. If you want to get the High relevant backlink, and the most related to this content are websites in the same industry, such as websites specializing in cavitation machines or other beauty equipment, but it is difficult to get the backlinks from these websites because they are your competitors or other reason. Therefore, the next choice is to choose to have some related to websites industries, such as sites about beauty and health.


  • High-authority backlink

backlink authority refers to the authority of the website and page that gave you the link. Generally, the higher authority of the website, the greater the ranking improvement for your website. The links given by high authority websites such as the New York Times, Forbes, and Wikipedia are very high-quality, and relevance is considered secondary at this time.


As for how to evaluate the authority of websites and pages, each Google SEO tool has a different definition.


For example, the indicators given by Ahrefs are DR (domain rating) and UR (URL rating), which correspond to the website domain name and single page URL score respectively. The indicators given by MOZ are DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority), which are also the indicators that the google seo expert considers when building backlinks.


The higher the DA and PA scores of the website, the more likely it is a high-authority backlink. But remember, You also need to consider other factors.


As for how to check the DA and PA of the website, there are the following Google SEO tools to choose from:


Tool 1 (free):; you can check up to 20 websites simultaneously.


backlink tool –


Tool 2 (free):; you can check up to 5 websites simultaneously.


backlink tool 2:


Tool 3 (free):; the latest test is to check at most one website at a time.


backlink tool three


Tool 4:
You can check ten websites simultaneously with the free version; for the paid version, you can check 500 websites simultaneously.



In addition to these SEO tools, you can also directly search the keyword “DA PA checker” on Google, there will be many tools to choose from, and the results are generally good.



3) High traffic of the website/backlink page

There are two reasons for checking the website/backlink page traffic:


First, a high-traffic website may not only deliver higher authority to your website, but may also bring more traffic to your website. Visitors can click on the backlink and get to your site when they view these high-traffic sites.


Second, ensure the stability of the website. Generally, the higher the website traffic, the less likely the webmaster will give up the website, and the backlinks will be more stable.


There are many SEO tools for checking websites/backlink pages, such as SEMrush and Ahrefs.


The same website traffic checked by different SEO tools is generally different. If the difference is too large, you can continue to check the specific traffic distribution of the website. However, if there is a big difference, We suggest it had better not to build backlinks from this website, because a normal website uses different tools to check the traffic gap would not be so big.


4) Low SS value

The SS value, is also called the Spam Score of the website. Generally, the lower the SS value, the better. According to the official definition, the criteria for evaluating website spam score are:


  • 1%-30% is a low spam score;
  • 31%-60% is the medium spam score;
  • 61%-100% is a high spam score.


But even so, this does not mean that medium and high spam scores websites are spam websites. We still need to evaluate the real situation of the website. For example, Bing, the SS value is 55. Can we consider it a spam website?


When we build backlinks, our team will control the SS value between 1% and 20%. Of course, you can also determine the SS value of the backlink website.


However, using different tools may get different results. For example, after several times of practice, we found that the SS value checked by Website SEO Checker ( is quite different from that by other tools. As long as the SS value checked by other tools is lower than 7%, Website SEO Checker generally is 1%. And if the SS value checked by other tools is ≥7%, Website SEO Checker generally is ≥11%.


5) Fewer outbound links

“Outbound links refer to the links pointing to other websites on the backlinks website. These outbound links will pass the authority of the webpage to the point to the website. The more outbound links on the page, the authority of this page will be lower.”


Therefore, when we build backlinks, we should try our best to choose websites or webpages with few outbound links. We also agree pages with less than ten outbound links are considered to be better quality.


But this is not right when a backlinks page with more than 10 outbound links is spam backlinks. For example, the following example:


fewer outboud links


Each backlink page has more than ten outbound links, but these links are very high-quality in terms of quality, with high authority and a lot of traffic.


Therefore, it is also necessary to check the actual situation of the website and make a comprehensive decision according to the above-mentioned indicators.

SEMrush backlinks

6) Do-follow or no-follow backlinks


When a backlink point to your website is marked as “do follow,” Google Search Engine will pass a portion of the authority of the backlink page to your website, thereby improving your website’s ranking and credibility in search engine results.


No-follow tags are just the opposite of do-follow tags. When a backlink point to your website is marked “nofollow,” search engines will ignore the link and will not pass the authority to your website, which means that nofollow links have no direct impact on website ranking. But this is just a statement on the Google SEO industry, and there is no absolute answer.


In addition, nofollow backlinks can also bring traffic to the website, and increase brand exposure and user interaction.


In practice, most of the backlinks are dofollow, and nofollow backlinks are common in some social media sites, forums, comments, sponsored content, etc. Backlinks from websites such as Wikipedia to third-party websites are basically nofollow.


Therefore, when building backlink strategy, you don’t need to get all backlinks are dofollow; you should follow a natural ratio and layout. If you build too many dofollow or nofollow backlinks, Google thinks you’re manipulating SEO rankings. A more natural ratio is 70% do-follow vs. 30% no-follow, but this is not absolute.


7) High stability backlink

The stability of backlinks refers to whether the backlinks to your website can exist for a long time. The more stable the backlink, the better for our website. Because the sudden drop in the number of backlinks is likely to affect the ranking of the website, resulting in a decrease in website traffic.


What are the common types of backlinks

1) Guest Post

Guest post backlinks are a common and effective type of backlink. It refers to writing and publishing original high-quality articles on other websites or blogs and inserting links to your own website in the articles (usually do-follow). These websites and blogs are generally related to your web content.


Compared with backlinks such as forum comments, guest post backlink is more relevant and stable, which can help us expand our brand influence and improve the website’s ranking in search engines.


2) Link Insertion

Link insertion refers to inserting a link (usually do follow) point to your website on an existing page of other website. It does not require you to write an article for other websites or blogs. Likewise, the Site and existing pages should preferably be relevant to your web content.


3) Forum backlink

Forum backlink is also a common SEO backlink-building strategy, which refers to posting or replying with a link on a forum or community platform so as to insert a link to your own website (both dofollow/nofollow) into the forum content, which can be used for Your website pass the authority of the forum website or platform, and attracts visitors to click on your link, bringing more traffic to your website.


But the correlation of this kind of backlink will be more difficult to control. Because most high-authority forum websites are comprehensive, such as Quora, Reddit, etc., what you can control is to try to ensure that the posts or replies you publish are related to the content of your webpage.


In addition, compared with the above two types, it is more difficult for forum backlinks to be indexed by Google. Even if you post a backlink on Quora or Reddit with high authority and high traffic, it may not be indexed.


4) Blog comments

Blog comments backlinks refer to leaving comments on other blogs or articles and inserting links to your web pages in the comments. These links are basically nofollow.


A high-quality blog comment backlink requires that the blog or article you find has high DA and PA, the content of the article is relevant, and your comments are meaningful and valuable comments instead of simple spam comments.


5) EDU Backlinks

EDU backlinks are a special type of backlinks, which refer to links from educational institutions or education-related websites. The domain names of these websites usually end with edu, indicating that they belong to the field of education.


Because the authority of EDU websites is generally relatively high, it is considered a reliable source by search engines, so EDU backlinks are usually regarded as high-quality and high-authority backlinks with high trust and authority. But the relevance may be a little lower unless your website is in the education field.


6) Web2.0 backlinks

Web 2.0 refers to the second-generation Internet technology website, which emphasizes user participation and interaction, allowing users to create and share content independently, and Web 2.0 backlinks refer to creating and publishing content on the Web 2.0 platform and Inserting a link to your website in the content.


Therefore, Web 2.0 backlinks can usually be done manually for free. Common Web 2.0 platforms include WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, etc.


7) backlinks from high-authority websites such as Wikipedia

For example, A backlink to your website from Wikipedia and other high-authority websites (such as NYTimes, Forbes, etc.). Because these websites are usually considered very high authority by Google, even if the link is nofollow, it will greatly help the website’s ranking.


8) Other types

Other common types are:


Image submission backlink: refers to uploading your picture to a picture-sharing website or picture submission platform and inserting a link to your website in the description or label of the picture.


Article submission: Refers to publishing your original article to the article submission website or article directory and inserting a link to your website in the article.


Video backlink: refers to uploading your video on a video-sharing website (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and inserting a link to your website in the video description.


Social bookmarking: Refers to adding a link to your website on a social bookmarking site.


PDF submission: refers to saving your content or documents in PDF format and submitting them to PDF-sharing websites or document submission platforms.


PBN backlinks: Refers to backlinks from private blog sites (PBN). PBN is a group of high-authority blogs controlled by the same person or organization. , you can increase the ranking of the website by publishing articles and inserting links on these blogs. However, the PBN backlink may have certain risks and be punished by Google.


Side backlink (blog roll/sidebar): Refers to adding a link to your website in the sidebar of other people’s blog pages. These backlinks are usually regarded as friendly links, which will appear on every blog page of the website, providing multiple entrances for your website and increasing traffic and brand exposure.


Contextual backlinks: Many service providers on Fiverr provide this type of backlinks, which refers to inserting links to your website in the text content of web pages or articles.


There are also some types, such as profiles, yellow pages, press releases, etc.

Although there are many types of backlinks, whether the quality of backlinks is good or not depends on whether the backlink website itself is good or not.


Which type of backlink is the most useful?

Generally, the higher the cost, the harder o build backlinks are the most powerful backlinks, such as guest posts, link insertion, and backlinks from high-authority websites such as Wikipedia.


Other backlinks, such as forums, blog comments, web 2.0 backlinks, etc., may have a limited effect on improving rankings, but they can be used as an aid to building backlinks more natural.


(5) How to effectively build backlinks

We have explored the types of backlinks; the next step is how to build backlinks. We will introduce several methods here.


1) Link Bait

Link bait refers to creating valuable content to attract backlinks from other websites, especially from high-authority websites like Wikipedia, NYTimes, etc.


This method is the most natural and does not pay, but the quality of the article is very excellent. Such as, Informational articles that contain a large amount of data, are supported by documents, and professional content are more likely to attract these links.


However, link bait is a long-term strategy and won’t work right away. Usually, it takes a long time to wait, and there is a certain degree of chance. Therefore, it is more suitable to be combined with the below methods.


2) Outreach

Outreach is an important method to actively build backlinks. It refers to sending personalized requests to other websites or bloggers through email, social media, blog comments, etc., explaining why they should connect your website content, and Asking them to insert a backlink to your webpage at an appropriate location, which is more suitable for guest post, link insertion and other types of backlinks. Backlink building steps like the below:


2.1 Find /search Guest Post/Link Insertion websites

Method 1: Search these keywords on Google:


Keywords + “blog for us”


Keyword + “guest blog”


Keyword + “guest post”


Keyword + “write for us”


Keyword + “write for me”


Keywords + “become a contributor”


Keyword + “guest column”


Keyword + “guest author”


Keyword + “guest article”


Keyword + “guest blogger”


Keyword + “guest post writer”


Keyword + “submit guest post”


Keyword + “contributing writer”


Keywords + “submit article”



For example, if your blog content is “Can ultrasonic cavitation cause cancer?” then you can find websites related to cavitation machines that accept guest blogs:


These websites generally provide the contact information of the webmaster, and you can contact them after analysis. In addition, if the searched pages have organic traffic, you can also directly contact the webmaster to check if they provide link insertion services, reducing writing and publishing articles time.


In addition to searching the keyword “the cavitation machine,” you can also increase the range to health or beauty websites.


Method 2: Analyze competitors’ backlinks

SEMrush backlinks

Put your competitor’s URL in a backlink SEO tool (SEMrush or Ahrefs) and analyze their backlink source. If these backlink websites are good, you can try to contact their webmasters and ask them to insert a link to your webpage in an appropriate place.


Method 3: Find Niche website Competitors (SEMrush)


One of the features of SEMrush is to find a website’s competitors. You can find the competitors of these niche websites are likely to belong to this similar field, which is the goal website when we outreach backlinks.

SEMrush backlinks

The above three ways are more effective in finding outreach websites, and the combination of them is better.


Of course, there must be many other ways. You can even directly search various keywords on Google and check these well-ranked blog articles webmasters that whether accept inserting links or publish post service.


2.2 Find website contact information

There are several ways to get the contact information of the target website:


Contact Us page: Many websites will provide a contact page containing information to contact the website owner or administrator. You can find the “Contact Us” or “Contact Us” links at the bottom of the home page of the Site or in the navigation menu.

About Us: Some websites may place contact information on an “About Us” page. This page usually introduces the website, team members, and other relevant information.

Write for Us page: Websites that accept guest posts will generally have a “Write for Us” page, which will contain relevant contact information.

Social Media: Some website owners or administrators may public contact information on social media, which you can view by clicking on the website’s social media pages, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Mail query tool: You can use some tools to get the contact information of the webmaster or administrator.

2.3 Write personalized outreach emails

When writing an email, make sure the recipient of the email is correct, the subject of the email is clear, and mention the name and content of the target website in the email, explain why your content is valuable to the audience of their website, and they can get benefits when building the backlink, such as content supplementation, resource sharing, etc.


As for how to write outreach emails, we can use ChatGPT:


For guest posts:

outreach guest post

For link insertion:

outreach guest post

Of course, this is not the final version, and can be adjusted according to the actual situation. For example, the beginning of the email generated by ChatGPT is “Dear + name.” This method is more formal. In fact, we can be more casual, and adjust it to “Hi + name” or “Hey + name”.


In addition, when building outreach backlinks, you may pay for it. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. When we ask for help, we must provide corresponding returns, especially for link insertion.


2.4 Wait for reply; send follow-up email

The next step after sending an outreach email is to wait for a reply. Normally, the response rate of outreach is relatively low. If you haven’t received a response in a week or so, you can send a follow-up email to express your interest again and ask for the cost. If you have not heard back, it is most likely that the website does not accept these requests.


Therefore, in order to increase the success, we should try to find more related websites in the first step. The more contacts you make, the more chance you will get a reply.


So which sites are more likely to agree to our request? Based on our backlink-building experience, such as:


  • The website clearly states that guest post is accepted
  • Content sites that make money from Google affiliate ads or affiliate commissions
  • Websites with broken links
  • Some competitors may agree to exchange links.
  • Some sell goods websites or complete competitive websites generally do not agree.


As for the broken link-building strategy refers to building high-quality backlinks by looking for broken links on the target website and providing alternative links.


Specific steps: 

1) Find a high-quality website related to your webpage content, and put the website URL into a broken link checking tool such as Ahrefs to find broken links on the website.

ahref broken link

2) Find content on your Site that is relevant to the broken link’s subject and ensure it is similar to the original link or offers better value.


3) Write a personalized email to point out the broken link on their website to the owner or administrator of the target website and recommend your alternative choice. You can express your appreciation for their Site in the email and explain why your content provides better value than the original link.


4) Waiting for reply, follow up on backlink building.


In addition to broken links, you can also check the 404 pages of competitor websites, such as:

ahref broken link

After finding it, check which websites provide these pages. If the quality of the website is good, we can contact the webmasters of these websites. The specific steps are similar to the broken link above.


3) Free manual backlink building

we can do it without spending money. Generally, this method suits all websites that allow user login and edit content. It is more suitable for forum backlinks, blog comments, web 2.0 backlinks, social bookmarking, and various submission backlinks. Specific steps like below:


3.1 Find the corresponding website

Method 1: Search for relevant keywords on Google.


Forum backlinks: health forums, beauty forums, keywords + “forum,” etc.


How to build free backlinks: find a blog


Blog comments: keywords + “add your comment,” (keywords) blog commenting sites, etc.

How To Build Free Backlinks: Blog Comments


Social bookmarking, etc.: web 2.0 sites/social bookmarking sites, etc.

How to build free backlinks: web2.0


3.2 Write the post

Whether it is forum links or blog comments, we need to edit corresponding high-quality content or comments on these websites. And all of these can be done by ChatGPT.


But because everyone can do it manually for free, these backlinks will encounter some problems, such as:


Although there are many sites available, you may encounter various problems and waste time, such as can not log in or publish;

It is difficult to control the relevance of backlink-building websites, especially the types of backing, such as social bookmarking.

The stability of the backlink is not high. For example, some posts will be deleted after being posted.

It may be difficult to be indexed by Google.



HARO (Help a Reporter Out), an online platform that connects journalists and professional bloggers, is a valuable opportunity for us to build links from high-authority media sites.


After registering as a source on HARO, we receive questions from journalists or bloggers. If a certain issue in our professional field, we can answer the reporter’s question and provide professional opinions.


If this answer is used by a reporter and quoted in their article, the reporter will usually include a link to our website in the article, and their articles are usually published on some high-authority media websites. Therefore, it will build a very high-quality and free backlink.


5) Buy backlinks from some website

Common platforms for buying backlink services include Fiverr, Upwork, SEO clerks, etc. Many backlink service providers can provide many guest post websites. You can choose some websites according to the corresponding indicators mentioned above. Such as DA, traffic, SS value, and do follow, etc.


Compared with other backlinks, the price of guest post backlinks is about $10-$300, and there is no upper limit if niche websites with high traffic are more expensive.


Regarding the topic of guest posts, try to choose long-tail keywords with low competition difficulty, so that this article will be easier to rank and can deliver more authority and traffic to your website. Generally, one backlink for an article, and some websites allow a maximum of two backlinks on one page.


After building the backlinks, you need to check them regularly. Some will delete your page or backlinks, and you need to look for a highly reliable Google backlink service provider, such as Google SEO expert-we can provide guest post and link inset service at affordable prices.




What is anchor text? How to do it?

Anchor Text is another important concept when building guest post backlinks, which refers to the clickable text part visible in the hyperlink. When the user clicks on the anchor text, it will jump to the webpage or resource pointed to the related page.


In the SEO backlink strategy, the role of anchor text is to convey information about the target of the link to search engines and users. Search engines will understand the subject and content of the page the link points to by anchor text, so as to evaluate the relevance of the web page and include it in relevant search results. Therefore, optimizing anchor text is very important to increase page ranking.


Reasonable anchor text layout like:


How to check backlinks and reject spam backlinks

There are two situations to check backlinks:


1) check the anchor text and attributes (dofollow/nofollow) of the backlink. You can use SEO tools or view source code


2) check a blog post’s backlinks; you can use SEO tools such as Ahrefs/SEMrush.


What should you know when building SEO backlinks?


First of all, the importance of on-page content is higher than that of backlinks. If the quality of content is low, even if there are a lot of seo backlinks, it is difficult to get a good ranking; high-quality content can not only win the favor of search engines, but also attract other websites to share (link bait), thus naturally getting more valuable backlinks.


Secondly, the quality of backlinks is higher than the quantity. A high-quality google seo backlink may be more useful than dozens of low-quality backlinks. Moreover, if the backlink comes from a spam website or an irrelevant webpage, it may be considered a spam backlink by Google, which will have a negative impact on the SEO ranking. So, you should be careful when buying cheap seo backlinks. In addition, backlinks building should be normal, including various types of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.




Google SEO expert team has been in the Google SEO industry for ten years and does a good job in Google SEO service. If you need more high-quality guest post backlinks or seo package SEO services, please feel free to contact us.

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